Tipton Town Manager, Neil Perks rang the changes for this local derby, his hopes of victory against Dudley rivals, Wren’s Nest buoyed most certainly with the home club’s most expressive performance so far this new season. Skipper, Sam Hesson, displayed inexhaustible periods of energy in midfield, his drive and attitude setting a fine example for his colleagues to follow, which, in comprehensively defeating their near neighbours, maybe for the first time, everyone complied to give much promise of a greatly improved campaign than in recent times.

Forcing the pace from the outset, Tipton straightway forged into the attack, Hesson denied a likely score in just the opening minute by Edward Rawn before TJ Davies, too, could only watch in dismay as his certain goal was hacked clear off the line. Re-asserting themselves Wren’s Nest regrouped soon afterwards, Theo Racoulli’s effort zipping just wide of the Tipton goal. The home club responded immediately , young Jamie Saidler’s free-kick defended well at the expense of a corner, just 6 minutes having elapsed. In the 9th minute Racoulli featured again before being illegally halted, Stuart Hillman’s direct free-kick capably held by Tipton’s debutante keeper, Chris Thomas.

The home club were clearly displaying more verve than their visitors and after Scott Broadway’s effort had failed to really trouble Wren’s keeper, Callum Stokes, TJ Davies featured next for Tipton, his archetypical run across field helping disorganise Wren’s Nest, setting up a chance for Scott Broadway, however, all to no avail. Undeterred by this misfortune Tipton came again, another worthy attack in the 17th min. coming to nought when full-back Connor Scott’s effort sailed over the Wren’s Nest crossbar. Quickly picking up the pace again the visitors responded well only for their forward momentum to founder when robbed by home skipper, Hesson. Still the visitors sought to progress forwards before TJ Davies impishly halted Joe Finch’s movement down the left.

In the 28th minute home debutante keeper, Chris Thomas executed a fine interception to deny the visitors and bolster, too, confidence in his ability by his near defenders. 31 mins. arrived, Tipton still forcing the issue before seeing the deadlock finally broken when TJ Davies confidently drove home a penalty kick, keeper Stokes easily beaten. 1-0.

Clearly buoyed by this success in what has been a languid start to the new season so far, Tipton now began to develop something approaching a swagger with confidence  in their play, Hesson most certainly revelling in his captain’s responsibilities. However, on 31 mins.the home cub were decidedly fortunate not to surrender their lead when Theo Kacoulli’s lofted 25 yard drive caught keeper, Thomas somewhat off his line, the ball, most fortunately for Tipton, narrowly clearing their crossbar. Midfielder Edward Rawn was frequently at the heart of Wren’s Nest’s movements upfield.

On 48 minutes Scott Broadway was adjudged just offside for Tipton,the visitors countering themselves some three mins. later, Lleyton Gould’s smart interception ensuring Tipton preserved their narrow lead. Tipton, however, were exhibiting the will and mental strength to record only their second victory of the season and were bolstered on 54 mins. by the improving involvement of Abdul Abubaker. Hesson continued to take the eye, dominating midfield and setting a fine example towards forcing a much-needed victory.

57 mins.arrived, Saidler and Abubaker tormenting the back-pedalling visitors before the latter was quite roughly fouled, Davies’s curling direct free-kick fully extending Wren’s keeper, Callum Stokes. Just over the hour and Wren’s Nest fluffed an opportunity to tie up the scores, a flag-kick leading to all sorts of confusion in the home defence, Tipton most fortunate not to concede.

Young Abubaker was now gaining immeasurably in confidence, his wily skills a delight to behold and, as a direct result, attracting  two or more defenders together with inevitable harsh treatment too, an over-lenient referee taking little action other than a wagging finger, deservedly drawing forth howls of derision from most of the watching crowd. But the home side’s increasing pressure and confidence simply had to pay and on 66 mins.no less – clickety-click and all that ! – TJ Davies capped a glorious home move by impudently slotting home, Broadway the unselfish provider. 2-0.

A brief response by the visitors was comfortably dealt with by Chris Thomas’s save but just a few minutes later, Kacoulli was indeed desperately unlucky not to reduce the arrears for the visitors. 73 mins arrived, Tipton full of pomp, scything through the beleaguered visitors once again, Broadway’s clever chip so close the raising the score. On 76 mins. home keeper, Thomas, making his debut was forced to receive attention when colliding with the visitor’s Stuart Hillman. At the other end the visitors, now visibly beaten gave away a penalty but young Davies was unable to record his hat-trick  All not lost for him, however, for with just four mins. of normal time remaining Davies  caught a demoralised Wren’s Nest cold following a breakaway before rattling in his third of the afternoon. 3-0.

In the final snippet of action Tipton’s Connor Scott’s splendidly timed challenge denied the visitors an almost certain goal – albeit a consolation one – but from the home club’s point of view it was very much a part of the afternoon’s triumph.

John A.Cross

President, Tipton Town F.C.

Next Fixture   Sat 29th Sept.  WMRL  Divn. One    WILLENHALL TOWN (Away)  3-00PM